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Update by user Dec 12, 2016

ShopRTACabinets sent me 2 pantry cabinets on December 7th. They claimed they are under new management and that Frank Lamark no longer is associated with the company.

Although its been a long wait to complete my kitchen, I appreciate that the company did make good on it.

The quality of the cabinets is very very good. I wish the new ownership the best of luck.

Original review posted by user Nov 15, 2016

We ordered cabinets in July 2015. Took 6 months before the cabinets came, and two pantries were missing.

Numerous emails went unanswered, disconnected telephone, etc. Finally a few weeks ago we got a response to our email asking once again for the cabinets or a refund . We were told that the cabinets just came in and to give them our address again where they were to be shipped.

Havent heard anything since even though numerous emails requesting an update, a delivery date, a refund, etc..NOTHING! He has our money and we have half a kitchen put together and false promises.

This reviewer shared experience about order processing issue and wants this business to have the product delivered as the author lost $800. The author is overall dissatisfied with Shop Rta Cabinets and uploaded a picture. The most disappointing about shop rta cabinets cabinet from Shop Rta Cabinets was missing cabinets, poor customer service and ignored emails once money was sent , but reviewer liked quality of cabinets. Reviewer wants customer support to reach out to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

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Mchenry, Illinois, United States #1257338
Shop Rta Cabinets Verified Representative


***Management ***

This complaint has been resolved according to the customer. See above.

2 Pantries have been delivered on Wed 12/07/2016 4:27 pm

Fedex 777812342125 (tracking info only valid for 90 days)

*************************************************** *************************************************** *************************************************** *************************************************** ***************************************************

Salt Lake City, Utah, United States #1255596

No one should do business with ShopRTACabinets. I only received half of my order 3+ weeks later than they promised.

I was told that their cabinets get lost during shipping all the time and that they simply replace the cabinets with no questions asked. When comparing what ShopRTACabinets said they sent with what UPS said was actually sent, the differences were staggering. I received 3 shipments from ShopRTACabinets and they told me all three times that all the items were sent. Before I received the last 2 shipments from ShopRTACabinets, I called UPS and was told what was actually shipped from their distributor, and co-conspirator Cabinet Mania in Milwaukee, WI, and both times the UPS manifest differed greatly from what ShopRTACabinets told me was sent.

In one of the shipments, ShopRTACabinets said they sent me the remaining 30 items I was missing, but the UPS manifest only showed that they had sent 1 item. I made several email and verbal requests for ShopRTACabinets to send me their shipping manifest and they refused or did not reply.

After over 40 emails, countless phone calls, and 3 shipments, they were not able to send me my complete order. ShopRTACabinets eventually said that they could not get the missing cabinets for at least 2 months. I had to cancel the remaining part of my order.

I was told they would send me a tally of my refund the next day. When I did not hear from them, I sent 2 more emails and made several calls that did not get answered.

It has been over 4 months since I cancelled my order and only today did I hear back from ShopRTACabinets after I sent an email threatening to report them to the BBB. If you happen to check with the BBB, they have hundreds of complaints against them and an F rating. Not suprisingly, 1 person at ShopRTACabinets even told me they received their cabinets from another country while another person at ShopRTACabinets told me they produced the cabinets in their own factory.

I was clearly lied to by ShopRTACabinets on several occassions. They are unethical at best, but more reasonably, are criminal in their business dealings.

I am now stuck with partial cabinets that I cannot use and am out the full amount of my order. Do yourself a favor, just burn your money, it is less painful and easier than dealing with ShopRTACabinets.com.

Mchenry, Illinois, United States #1253343


***Management ***

This complaint has been resolved according to the customer. See above.

2 Pantries have been delivered on Wed 12/07/2016 4:27 pm

Fedex 777812342125 (tracking info only valid for 90 days)

*************************************************** *************************************************** *************************************************** *************************************************** ***************************************************


This company took $ directly from my bank account, but provided no product or refund.

I ordered kitchen cabinets from ShopRTACabinets.com on 5/26/14 and paid just under $6000. Their website looked good, with great customer ratings.

They do not take credit cards, but only direct bank account payments. The website promises delivery in 2-5 weeks. The cabinets were not delivered in that time, and it was almost impossible to reach anyone there to ask for status updates (we have placed upwards of 20 phone calls to the company, but someone named [name] has only answered 1 time). They responded to our email messages twice that the cabinets would ship out the "next week" and once they even responded that the cabinets had already shipped.

However, no cabinets ever arrived. Eventually we cancelled our order on 8/12/2014 (through our attorney) but they never responded that they received our cancellation until I complained to the Chicago area BBB (btw, check the complaints for this company and it's affiliated company, Cabinets Direct, both have grades of F for similar issues). The message from Shop RTA Cabinets, via the BBB, was that we would receive our refund within 30 days (as promised on their website). That never came.

When we complained again through the BBB, they vaguely responded that they would send the refund "ASAP".

We responded that we wanted a date the refund would be sent, but they never responded to the BBB or us after that. It is now 10/28/14 and we have yet to receive a refund.


This is Bugdout again and my refund check locked up my bank account for 8 days and the check was no good. I have still been trying to get a refund or cabinets and they stopped answering my emails again 3 months ago. I have filed a claim with the Illinois Attorney Generals office to try the legal system for my refund.


I was scammed. Ripped-off and defrauded by Frank Lamark of Shop RTA Cabinets and World Craft Cabinetry.

I ordered and paid for my mahaogany maple cabinets on February 27th, 2016. $3,981.34. was the total amount that was ACH debited (Via Check)for this order out of my BB&T bank account.

Order #200000637 (placed on February 27, 2016 4:12:54 PM CST)

I was told that I would receive my cabinets in 8 to 12 weeks.

3 months had passed and no cabinets. After numerous emails, online tickets and phone calls I received an email on April 5th stating my order was set to ship in 4 - 8 weeks from the time I placed my order. (Which was February 27th) Once it ships we will be sending you your tracking info.

Dont worry the freight company would call me to set up a delivery and make sure someone is there to sign for it.

Weeks passed and nothing.

I emailed on them on May 2nd and then again nothing. On June 29th after asking where were my cabinets I received an email response saying my order was set to ship out next week. Once it ships we will send your tracking info. Months went by and after several emails in July, August and Spetember I have yet to receive a further response even after demanding a refund or my cabinets.

There has been no refund or cabinets received to this day. I emailed the company 8 days ago and let them know I would be seeking legal action. I have had no response or commiunication from Frank or RTA cabinets since. Filed a complaint witht the BBB of Chicago and still nothing.

So last week after a final attempt, I have filed a fraud report and openend up a legal investigation with BB&T and reported Frank Lamark as being a scam artist. Lawsuit to be filed and Attorney General of Illinois and Internet Crimes to be brought in. I not only want my refund but I want monies for damages and renovations that I made anticipating my cabinets that I never received. I"m expecting my third child in December as I let Frank know and I have no kitchen!

There has been nothing but excuses and lies and reports of RTA CAbinets and Frank Lamark being a scam. I was deceived and defrauded. I can only assume my many emails sent to him were ignored and deleted. I found out I'm probably one of thousands that have been scammed by this guy over many years now.

Google search terms are below. They'll give you a better view of who Frank Lamark is, how he runs his many kitchen cabinet sites and how he uses many 1-800 call services and many UPS store drop boxes in the Chicago area to fly just below the consumer fraud radar. He only accepts money orders, checks or his preferred money moving method is the e-check (I assume all the credit card companies must have shut him down for excessive chargebacks). I found out why only e-checks "after the fact" and just recently, should be a red flag to anyone.

You can copy and paste these search terms into Google to locate the stuff out there about him you might not yet know: frank lamark fraud, frank lamark research, shop rta cabinets scam, frank lamark pictures, frank lamark world craft cabinetry complaints, frank lamark lawsuit Some of his domain names he owns were found here (stay away from these kitchen cabinet websites): docs.google.com/document/pub?id=1Mau48AWhCABtQIlEo2zuJjxCqQdjGhZcWme3-jlMCmI If you're doing your research right now "before" sending him an e-check then I hate to say it but you're much smarter then me. Stay away if you're thinking about it, you'll just be donating your hard earned money to the Frank Lamark free money fund, and if you already ordered, did not receive what you paid for and have not received a refund then file a complaint with your State Attorney General and your BBB and both of these organizations will investigate your case for you.


I purchased $2600 of cabinets from this company on 11/10/14. After repeated shipping delays and excuses, I finally asked to cancel my order.

I was told on 1/26/15 that my refund had shipped. To date the refund still has not shipped.

The company has very poor customer service on top of this. They never answer the phone (automated answering service). In fact if you go to option 2 it just tells you to go online.

Online complaint system does not work last I tried.

Do not buy from this company. Spend the extra money and go for a business that has multiple positive reviews from multiple sites.

The review company listed on thier site must allow them to pick and choose the results shown. Note that there is no way to provide reviews on thier site.


Same problem, ordered my cabinets, didn't receive no refund. Called the Illinois States Attorney office, complaining at other sites to get justice and spreading word until he notices me and does something.


I had the same problem, ordered my cabinets and all my accessories (they do not accept credit or debit cards by the way), they did not arrive like Frank said, when I finally got a hold of him a month after the expected arrival date, he said they were packaging them up right now and would arrive in 2 weeks. Those 2 weeks past and I called but it went to voice mail, so I emailed over and over and did not hear anything back.

It has been too long and he still does not answer his phone, I think he's screening my calls or something like that. I called the Illinois State Attorney Office and they directed me to a form to fill out on their web site so I did.

They said they already knew about him and are building a case and for me to be patient. This blows, so much time wasted on this man.


Howdy peoples, there is another complaint here at Pissed Consumer that the Frank Lamark guy should send a refund to and soon before the comments start building there too. Looks like visitors are starting to arrive at that page, not sure where they're coming from, maybe Google or some websites, blogs or social media sites linking directly to that post.

https://www.pissedconsumer.com/company/world-craft-cabinetry/never-received-refund-20151124739680.html Plus there's more complaints at many other complaint sites like rip-off report, complaints board and others. Send them their refunds Frank Lamark, yes - they deserve it, they worked hard for that money, a refund after many months or years of ignoring them is the right thing to finally do.


I think that's how it works, when you get ripped off you should goo to a complaint site like this one and post how you got scammed. After that YOU get some "real" help even if it's been over a year then suddenly you get a refund.

What does that tell you? If you want your refund then you best start making some noise here and at other complaint sites and force this guy to give you your money back.

Mchenry, Illinois, United States #1242620


***Management ***

This complaint has been resolved according to the customer. See above.


to Anonymous #1243719

With all the complaints on you please send proof.


That seems to be the pattern with Frank Lamark as reported all over the Internet by hundreds of other people who also got scammed by Frank Lamark. When you search for "Frank Lamark Scam" it's a whole page of websites reporting the same thing about Frank Lamark.

You should report it to the Illinois State Attorney Office and the Federal Trade Commission [FTC], it's possible they already have a file on him with address, phone number and all so they can help you get your money back, it's what their paid to do, you know protect the public and all. I wish you luck, so sorry to hear that you got burned by Frank Lamark but if it makes you feel any better you weren't the first and you probably won't be the last unless Frank Lamark is working at a regular job now or is in jail again.

to Anonymous Mchenry, Illinois, United States #1242629



*******************Management *** *****************

This complaint has been resolved according to the customer. See above.



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